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    Post by Faile on Thu Apr 07, 2016 11:07 pm

    Faile shook his head. " No it's best we not linger here. Imperials could be scouting nearby or more dragons could turn up. I suggest we keep moving to Riverwood. " He moved towards the burned towns crushed main gate. It blocked their way onward. He tsked and decided to hurry along the process.

    Faile roared out in pain as he gave into the Vampire Lord genes' true power. His back arched in convulsing pain as his body seemed to shed it's skin, a new being emerging from the folds. A new being floated before Renge inches above the ground. Raising his hand he growled and used a Vampiric telekinesis to blast the gate open, pushing it aside. He turned to Renge and seemed to shrug. His eyes were the same, and his facial expressions too. But his body was much different. Blue skinned with long silky white hair. He had wings as well but they could only propel him forward at high speeds, not allow him to fly.

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